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Most products that require CE marking can be certified by the manufacturer without the involvement of a third party.

In the case of these products, the manufacturer is able to 'self-declare' conformity with the relevant directive(s). Although this process can be carried out by the manufacturer, it requires an understanding of the CE system and of the standards and regulations applicable to the particular product type. At least for the first products of a given type, this will likely require some outside assistance.

We can answer the following questions for you:
1. Does your product require CE marking?
2. Is self-assessment permitted for this product type?
3. Will involvement by a Notified Body be required?
4. What will certification cost?

To discuss this in detail, call Tony Baker at 416.500.7287 or toll-free: 1.855.222.6299 (MAWW)

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The following are the formal stages required in the process of CE marking a product:

1. Decide whether the product is in a group which needs to have a CE mark and, if so, which directive(s) apply.

2. Choose the conformity assessment procedure from the modules specified by the directive for the product. This could be self-certification or involve assessment by a Notified Body. There are nine modules available for the Conformity Assessment Procedures which may be specified for different product groups.

3. Identify any Harmonized European Standards applicable to the product. Although not always mandatory, directives are often written in such a way that their harmonized standards become, in effect, part of the conformity assessment requirement.

4. Make sure that the product complies with the requirements of the relevant directive(s). If not, the product may need to be modified to meet the requirements.

5. If the directive states that independent assessment is required from a Notified Body, then arrange for this to be carried out. This may involve transportation to the laboratory for testing.

6. Set up and maintain the Technical Documentation required under the Directive(s).

7. Prepare the Declaration of Conformity and show how it is supported by the technical documentation.

8. Check for any additional national requirements which may exist in particular countries where the product will be sold, including requirements for labeling or packaging.

9. Apply the CE mark to your product and its packaging and customer literature as specified in the directive(s).


MAWW can determine the route to compliance that is most appropriate to your needs and help you through the CE Marking Process easily and cost affordably.

We provide a service to North American companies to help them minimize the costs, confusion and bureaucracy of dealing with CE Marking and other European regulatory requirements.

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