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The list below shows product types that are required to be CE marked.

Please note that not all products require CE marking. There are some exceptions even within the groups.

If it is not clear from the list whether your product should be marked, please ask us.

Active implantable medical devices
Appliances burning gaseous fuels
Cableway installations designed to carry persons
Eco-design of energy related products
Electromagnetic compatibility
Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
Explosives for civil uses
Hot-water boilers
In vitro diagnostic medical devices
Low voltage equipment
Measuring Instruments
Medical devices
Noise emission in the environment
Non-automatic weighing instruments
Personal protective equipment
Pressure equipment
Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment
Recreational craft
Simple pressure vessels
Transportable Pressure Eqpt.

Some products fall under two or more categories. For instance, a machine may be under the Machinery Directive but also fall under the EMC and Noise Emission in the Environment directives.

There are some strange exceptions. For instance, a bibycle is not considered to be machinery because it is human-powered. However, it may still require to be CE marked if it is intended for children, in which case it would fall under the Toy Safety Directive.


We can let you know which directive(s) your product falls under and can determine the route to compliance that is most appropriate to your needs and help you through the CE Marking Process easily and cost effectively.

We can let you know whether self-assessment is possible for your product, whether lab testing will be required, whether a Notified Body must be involved, and what the certification process will cost.

For written answers regarding your particular product, please click here.

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