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Under the CE Marking system, manufacturers have responsibility for CE Marking. The manufacturer must draw up the Declaration of Conformity (D of C) and take responsibility for attaching the CE mark to the product.

Even if you use a third party to assess or test the product, the manufacturer must still carry out the final steps of certification by signing the Declaration of Conformity and attaching the CE mark.

Before applying the CE mark to the product, the manufacturer has to carry out a conformity assessment, set up a technical file and sign an EC declaration of conformity.

Importers of products have to be able to show that the foreign manufacturer has taken all necessary steps and that the resulting documentation is available on request.

If an importer or distributor markets products under an “own label,” then they must take over the manufacturer’s responsibilities. However, the foreign exporter will still need to provide them with all the necessary information to obtain CE Marking.

Distributors must be able to demonstrate that they have acted with due care and must have confirmation from the manufacturer or importer that all appropriate procedures have been complied with

The product may only be placed on the market if it complies with the provisions of all applicable directives and if the conformity assessment procedure has been carried out accordingly.

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CE Marking allows manufacturers based anywhere in the world to sell their goods in the European Economic Area.

The CE marking system is based on the EU’s "New Approach Directives.” These directives are, in effect, European Union laws covering product design, manufacturing and testing/inspection standards for many manufactured goods.

The directives cover a wide range of product categories including toys, electrical devices, medical equipment, pressure vessels and various types of machinery. However, not all product types are covered. Those that are not covered do not need - and must not display - the CE Marking symbol.

Some products require some form of testing or approved quality assurance to receive CE marking. However, for many other product types, self-certification is permissible. For more information on this, click here, or call Tony Baker at 416-500-7287 or toll-free 1.855.222.6299 (MAWW).

At MAWW, we can determine the route to compliance that is most appropriate to your needs and help you through the CE Marking Process easily and cost effectively.

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