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Machinery must meet the requirement of the Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC.  For the purposes of this directive, the following definition of machinery applies: an assembly of linked parts, where at least one moves,  powered by a source of enegy other than a direct human or animal source.

Most machinery types may be self-assessed.  However, certain types require the involvement of a Notified Body.  These are machines that are classified as high risk equipment (Annex IV of the directive).  Even some of these may be self-assessed provided that the appropriate harmonized standards are followed exactly.


The machinery directive names seven categories of machine:

  • Machinery (Basic definition: an assembly of linked parts, where at least one moves – any type of energy source except immediate human or animal effort)
  • Interchangeable equipment (e.g. attachments)
  • Safety components
  • Lifting accessories
  • Chains, ropes and webbing (for lifting)
  • Removable mechanical transmissions devices
  • Partly completed machinery.


Some types of machinery are completely or partially excluded from CE marking under the Machinery Directive because they fall under other CE marking directives or under separate non-CE marking regulations. These include aircraft, ships and boats, transport vehicles intended for use on roads, medical devices, railroad equipment within certain categories, and machinery used exclusively for military or police applications.

Some machines for household use (e.g. washing machines, driers, vacuum cleaners) are CE marked under the Low Voltage Directive instead of the Machinery Directive.

It is often difficult to decide the correct classification for a machine.  Please don’t hesitate to call or send us a photograph, plus descriptions of what the machine is for, and how it works.


For machinery that is permitted to follow the self-assessment route, the following steps are required on the part of the manufacturer:

  • Carry out a risk assessment
  • Demonstrate conformity to the Essential Health and Safety Requirements of Annex I of the directive, or with the requirements of applicable harmonized standards.
  • Compile technical documentation (“Technical File”)
  • Complete and sign the Declaration of Conformity
  • Attach the CE mark.

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We provide a service to North American companies to help them minimize the costs, confusion and bureaucracy of dealing with CE Marking and other European regulatory requirements.

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